branding a lecture series





quintessential –
a personal piece
on advertising

to create, brand and communicate, a unique series of lectures, focussing on core topics facing the advertising industry over the next five years


based on identification of five core topics with the concept of each lecture being presented by a professorial expert on each topic to add value and authority – the brand name quintessential encapsulates both the calibre of content and presenters together with the fact there are 5 lectures on 5 days by 5 experts on 5 issues with a 5 year impact

use of

5 communication topics:
behavioural economics – professor daniel kahneman
green issues – professor brian cox
ethical brands – professor micael dahlen
women – professor linda scott
big data – professor luciano floridi

5 handed ‘flower’ geometric logo design to brand
the event
the hand holding 5 different, 5 letter icons to brand
each lecture
5 topic appropriate venues
webinar communication